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Artist: Nois Land

Title: Big Kahuna

Formats: Vinyl + Digital


Nois Land is a collaboration of artists from the Detroit area who have come together to create a massive EP appropriately titled "Big Kahuna." These are studio sessions pulled from a time capsule, reconstructed and brought back to life. A uniquely diverse and original listen, with styles ranging from island grooves to disco screamers! The project was produced by Blair French, co-produced by Todd Modes, and mastered by MarcoAntonio Spaventi.

Artists Include:

Blair French, Todd Modes, Lennox Karlisle, Peter Croce (Rocksteady Disco), Mike Severson (Golf Channel), Topher Horn (Rocksteady Disco), Damon Warmack, Sam Beaubien (of Will Sessions).


Nois Land - Big Kahuna


Fat Finger Cosmic (FFC) is a MICHIGAN based Record label founded in 2011 by Blair French. in 2015, FFC was later joined by friends with the focus to produce quality music for vinyl, cassette, & digital formats worldwide.